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We offer services to support your signal processing project.

Do you need any support in digital signal processing? Please let us know!

Below you find some examples of services that sonoware has recently done.

Custom algorithm development

Your algorithm is not in the sonoware portfolio yet? Don’t worry, we offer to implement an algorithm that suits you best.

Integration of 3rd party libraries

You want to make use of our hands-free system, but still use your advanced beamforming algorithm? We offer a manyfold of beamforming algorithms ourselves, but are open to include yours right inside of the signal processing chain.

We also are experienced in integrating speech recognition software.

Tuning of sonoware software

In order to optimally fine-tune our software such as ICC systems for your environment and configuration you can get the support by one of our sonoware sound-engineers onsite at your facilities.

Remote-tuning of sonoware software

Our software allows us to perform a tuning session remotely through the internet.

Data acquisition

Acquisition of vibro-acoustic data for AI pattern recognition

Predictive maintenance, defect detection and other Industry 4.0 technology requires appropriate data. We help to define what data is required and how it can be acquired.

Hardware prototyping

You need a hardware prototype to explore the possibilities of latest digital signal processing approaches? We are conversant in designing PCBs and selecting components that enable you to explore and evaluate.

Technical consulting

sonoware combines experience of over 25 years in digital signal processing. If you want to make use of this experience, feel free to contact us. We provide qualified support, for example for a measurement, a new project or any other engineering solution.