Predictive Maintenance



What's the problem?

Products with mechanical components are prone to wear, exterior influences, or errors in components or during assembly.


What's our solution?

By using data from various sensors (microphones, accelerometers, e.g.) and latest Machine Learning algorithms even the smallest deviations in the operating state of a component can be detected. Continuously, periodically or just during production of your products - it's up to you!


Your Advantage

By condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance you are able to:

  • Optimize maintenance intervals
  • Support your QA team with new tools
  • Reduce cost
  • Gain a fast and easy way for fault detection and troubleshooting


Our offer


Analysis and Consultation

Where can sensors be placed? What kind of data is required? Which approach is the most cost-effective solution?


Support for Data Acquisition

What data is required for the training of the specialized models for recognition?


Design and development of a model

We develop, train and test the machine learning models to fit the task


Series Development

Adjustments of the recognition models to the resources available.