In-Car Communi­­­cation



Easy and relaxed conversations in vehicles

Conversations in a vehicle can be eased significantly by an in-car communication system. Talking passengers are recorded by microphones, the speech-signals are enhanced, amplified and played back over loudspeakers to help the listeners.

Our in-car communication system features:

  • Improved conversations with natural speech quality
    • High playback volume due to superior feedback control
    • Reduction of disturbances and driving noise
    • Spatial speaker localization is preserved
  • Support for different car models (sedans, vans, convertibles)
  • Arbitrary configuration of
    • Seats (talking/listening zones)
    • Microphones and loudspeakers
  • Scalability in terms of algorithmic complexity
  • Easy configuration and system setup



All sonoware signal processing algorithms are optimized for minimal-delay, low computational complexity and maximum portability across platforms:


Acoustic feedback control

  • Feedback cancellation
  • Feedback suppression
  • EQing strategies
  • Time-variant methods

Signal Enhancement

  • Microphone combination techniques (beamforming, automatic SNR-based selection)
  • Noise reduction for stationary and instationary sources

Signal distribution

  • Adaptive mixing and zoning
  • Automatic gain control
  • Voice-activity-dependent loss control
  • Noise-dependent gain control
  • Full-duplex communication

Pre- and post-processing

  • Loudspeaker and microphone equalization
  • Dynamics: Limiter, compressor, de-esser, etc.
  • Signal conditioning based on psychoacoustic criteria


  • Hands-free integration with echo cancellation and barge-in support
  • Development of customer-specific algorithms
  • Inject your own signal processing algorithms anywhere in our signal-chain for your custom demands.

Supported platforms

  • ARM
  • DSP (e.g. Analog Devices SHARC)
  • PC (Windows, Linux, macOS)

Your desired platform is not yet listed? Feel free to contact us and we will find a solution.


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