sonoware Software Philosophy

We make software. Digital signal processing software - specifically (but not exclusively) speech and audio processing software.

Our software is designed to achieve maximum flexibility by still keeping the performance (i.e. latency and processing load) as low as possible. Highly optimized algorithms ensure that. Above that, all of our signal processing is based on modularity. This makes it easy to customize our software to just what you need without a hassle. This prevents costly computational overheads and ensures that our software runs perfectly on your platform. Our core algorithms are programmed in C and thus run on virtually everything. To give you the most comfort in adjusting and tuning our system to your needs we ship our software with easy to use visual tuning tools.


  • State of the art

    Our software is highly acclaimed by our customers and partners.

  • Experience

    We have decades of experience in digital signal processing.

  • Flexibility

    Feature specifications - it is your choice from low power to high-end

  • Portability

    OSes like Windows, Linux, macOS, or embedded platforms like ARM or DSPs.



In-Car Communication

Our in-car communication system features:

  • Low-delay signal processing
  • Arbitrary configuration of Seats (talking/listening zones)
  • Microphones and loudspeakers
  • Approved in different car models (sedans, vans, convertibles)
  • Scalability in terms of algorithmic complexity
  • Easy configuration and system setup
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Acoustic Communication Enhancement

Acoustic Communication Enhancement (ACE) is our solution for speech or audio communication systems in your individual product - tailored to your needs:

  • Do you already have ideas about your needs in terms of speech or audio communication systems?
  • Or you have vague requirements, and want us to provide you with the best scalable options
  • Diverse possibilities from signal enhancements, to routing, to simulation or detection.
  • Runnable on every platform. You require low power devices to run the software, or you have a high power computing machine available. Our software is easily scalable, which makes it cheaper for you.
  • Easy configuration and system setup.
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Signal Processing Solutions

All the signal processing modules we use in our highly acclaimed communication systems are also available as standalone libraries for easy integration in your individual products. Our algorithms have endured countless hours of fine-tuning and testing in diverse and tough environments, such as automotive and medical environments. They are flexible and easy to use and will integrate seamlessly into your product.

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Tuning Tools

All of our products come with easy-to-use, real-time tuning tools, that allow you to configure and parametrize the systems to your specific needs. These connect remotely to our ICC or ACE products via LAN or Wi-Fi.

We provide you:

  • sonowareUI
    • Real-time tuning of sonoware products - view and change all parameters effortlessly.
    • Comfortable for beginners and experts. Live documentation of each parameter is available at your fingertips for even easier tuning.
    • Setup and tune our systems from ground up without having to leave sonowareUI once. No recompilation or restart required.
  • sonowarePLOT
    • Latency-free plotting of all signals in real-time
    • Gives you even more insights into the signals, so that you can pinpoint your tuning